IRIS VR is proud to announce LOOK & LOOT™ : EPIC PETS. Our first Virtual Reality game made specifically for Android based mobile devices such as the Samsung/Oculus Gear VR.

In the LOOK & LOOT™ series of games, the player is transported to magical locations where they must (of course) LOOK FOR LOOT! In the case of LOOK & LOOT™ : EPIC PETS, loot is used to upgrade your pet(s) both visually and for performance. Later upgrades include new locations and pets! Pandas and Rhinos and Dragons. OH MY!

Above is an early prototype showing the LOOK & LOOT™  mechanic in action. Ultra rare creatures and loot drops await. Chained “Epic Events” can be triggered by looting the appropriate spawns in particular orders. Can you figure out how to trick the Leprechaun out of his pot-of-gold? Can your Unicorn muster the courage to defeat a Dragon? Find out, in LOOK & LOOT™: EPIC PETS.

Keep watching here for more info and game play as it arrives.